Wulfila Translations is the commercial name used by Jairo Dorado Cadilla, freelance translator and interpreter based and registered in Germany. I hold a BA and a MAS on the fields of Translation, Interpretation and Paratranslation. I provide translation, interpretation and localization services to companies and particulars. In addition, I provide advice when dealing with a translation and localization project or when organizing a multilingual event where interpretation services are required. In certain cases, I provide my services pro-bono.

I was born in Vigo, Spain, in a Galician speaking household. Since 2000 I have lived in several countries, such as Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and, since 2013, I live in Germany. My mother tongues are Galician and Spanish. Besides, I speak fluently English, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Portuguese and German and I have good command of Slovene and Hungarian. I also have intermediate skills of French and Italian and a basic command of Hebrew and Lithuanian.