Localization involves taking a product and making it linguistically and culturally appropriate for the target locale where it will be used and sold.

LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association)


Localization is a fundamental industry nowadays and translation plays a very relevant role within that industry. You cannot invest a massive effort on your software, app or website and do not localize it properly once it is ready. A good professional translation is key if you want to reach an international audience or expand your business outside your native culture and initial market.


I have a vast experience working in localization projects, translating from website content and video games to software and apps. It requires some special skills

An  excellent  cultural  awareness  of  the target locale  (country or region)

A good grasp of the target audience and the project setting (website or app)

Additional computer, terminological and technical knowledge


Some of my clients are well known companies with a remarkable on-line presence but to me it is always an additional challenge to work for young startups trying to make their product a global success. I have also some limited experience managing localization teams and providing linguistic support during the process of internationalization of apps and software.

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